A Golden Ring fan plays as a young Kratos who faces old Kratos in PvP


In the months since the game’s release, dozens of memorable Elden Ring character creations have appeared online. While it’s always fun to see them published on their own, it’s even more interesting when Elden Ring tribute characters interact, especially when both are based on characters from the same brand.

Something similar has happened in the past when two Disney characters fought in a tense PvP match. A spell-wielder dressed as Doctor Strange fought the fearless Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Elden Ring, and although both characters killed each other at the same time, their two unique styles combined to create an exciting encounter. Now there was an even more interesting encounter, as the two versions of Kratos from God of War came face to face.

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There has been a lot of talk over the years about which version of Kratos would come out victorious if they ever collided. The Greek version of the character was truly ruthless, and his unbridled rage combined with extra speed and strength could make him a serious contender. However, the elder Kratos, who has spent time in the Scandinavian world, is much wiser, and the fact that he has something to lose in Atreus may make him more dangerous. Recently, fans saw two versions of the Ghost of Sparta together in the Elden Ring, which again caused controversy.

The photos were provided by Reddit user KingWhuck, and both gamers achieved their goal. The older Kratos is slightly thinner and boasts a large beard and some shoulder armor, while the younger version is just as accurate as they are shirtless and can be seen with a goatee. If that wasn’t enough, the young Kratos even holds two blades that clearly resemble the iconic Blades of Chaos. Although this is not visible in the image, it can be assumed that the elder Kratos uses some kind of axe in battle.

Unfortunately, fans have no idea who won this Elden Ring PvP meeting, as only images were provided, and there were no details about the meeting in the comments. Along with praising the design and sliders for the young version of Kratos, fans were quick to discuss which iteration of God of War would win in the comments section. Others have shared their hopes of seeing Kratos fight his younger self in an official capacity during God of War Ragnarok, an event that will undoubtedly become a bloodbath, even if it happens only in Kratos’ mind.

Since God of War Rangarok will be released this year, fans won’t have to wait long for a new adventure starring Kratos. Until then, fighting in the Midlands as any version of an ash-covered character seems like a good way to kill time.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.