A Generation of Battles in a Galaxy Far Away


We remember what these 7 years of agreement between EA and Disney have given to create Star Wars games, coinciding with the life of this generation.

In just two months the new generation will arrive, something that coincides with an anniversary such as the launch of what is still present with PS4 and Xbox One. In that year 2013, not only did the consoles we currently enjoy on the market, but that a very important agreement was also signed and that it seemed an almost inexhaustible source of profitability for Electronic Arts. The great Canadian company agreed with Disney to develop in the coming years a series of video games set in one of the largest licenses in history such as Star Wars, with millions of fans of the galactic saga licking their fingers. However, as we could see later, not everything was lights and there were many shadows, surely more than desired, until reaching the point where some authorized voices asked Disney to withdraw this juicy license from EA. Now, with the launch of Star Wars Squadrons, we review what this agreement has yielded. What has EA left us in this generation related to Star Wars?

SAYS in command doing what he does best

Although it was by no means EA’s first experience with Star Wars – it would launch the excellent and long-awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2011 – the first fruit of the agreement between publisher and Disney aimed to be a safe bet. DICE had not started the generation as well as possible, with a Battlefield 4 that was part of the launch catalog of both consoles, graphically and marvelously playable, but with many problems in its online performance, problems that took months to solve. However, there was no better study than the Swedish one to bring back a subsaga like Star Wars Battlefront, which already triumphed back in the first decade of the 21st century. If you wanted to develop a multiplayer with massive and visually spectacular battles, DICE was the team.

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And with the launch of the first game, they delivered just what they promised and was expected, albeit with nuances. First of all, and although it was already known, it was still a disappointment that Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) did not include an individual campaign. It is true that the Swedes did not stand out for their single player modes in previous Battlefield installments, but fans were waiting for an original story to enjoy before beating the copper online. In addition to that, it was not the most generous game possible in content precisely, so the first foray into Star Wars left, mainly, a bittersweet taste. Its sequel aimed to correct the mistakes made in this original, and in part it did, but it also made other equally serious … or even more.


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