A gear competitor from Sony is coming for DJI!


For DJI, one of the leading names in the drone side, a new competitor is emerging from technology giant Sony. As part of the project called Airpeak, Sony announced its advanced remote sensing and artificial intelligence powered drones.

With its new announcement, Sony comes ambitious with a project called Airpeak. As the name suggests, Airpeak means Sony is developing artificial intelligence powered drones. The Japan-based technology giant draws attention to the fact that it will use remote sensing technology in these devices.

Sony Airpeak drone project

Sony’s expertise in photography and video will be the focus of the project. You know Sony signed cameras are among the best in both photography and video. Sony, who will also benefit from this expertise on the Airpeak side, says in its statement that it especially wants to “contribute to the further development of the entertainment industry”.

This project, which brings to mind drones that will be developed for different needs in different areas, also aims to provide more efficiency and savings in various sectors. Airpeak is planned to be launched in the spring of 2021 within the scope of this project to be developed with the focus of security. Sony will soon be looking for collaborators for the project. Apart from that, there is no information provided by Sony about the project.

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