A Gap Appears in the Series That Caused Controversy


Despite an uneven final season of The Big Bang Theory to Young Sheldon, it delivered an emotional and mostly satisfying two-part finale that saw Sheldon and Amy win the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on Super Asymmetry.

In the closing moments of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon credited his gang with staying with him all these years despite his irrational quirks. But the absence of his family is something Young Sheldon makes painfully clear.

In the spinoff episode of the prequel, he publicly thanked his twin sister for her encouragement. This created a poignant moment for Young Sheldon, showing how important Missy and her entire family are to her life’s journey.

Given this, it is something so strange that in the original series she did not have them during Sheldon’s proudest moment as in Young Sheldon, not even giving a justified reason why her relatives could not attend the ceremony.

The show didn’t have to feature all the remaining members of Sheldon’s family in the finale, but they could at least have brought Mary, rather than her sister as in Young Sheldon, to watch her son achieve his entire dream. lifetime.

Doing this would also have highlighted the importance of the Young Sheldon events in The Big Bang Theory main character’s overall story rather than an optional offer.

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