A Gamer Transforms Xbox One S into Gaming PC


A gamer assembled a real gaming PC inside the Xbox One S case to show that gamer PCs can also be compact. Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about the performance of the computer.

When it comes to “gaming computer”, most of us think of big computer cases with lots of fans and LED lighting. However, a Reddit user named Markker2992 conducted an experiment showing that gaming computers can also have compact designs like game consoles.

He took an old Xbox One S and turned it into a gaming PC. It is difficult to say what the device in question offers in terms of performance, but at least we can say that it is not behind a gamer’s computer in terms of hardware.

This interesting device, which Markker2992 calls the Xbox One S RTX gaming computer, includes a Ryzen 3700X processor, Noctua NH-L9a processor cooler, Asus RTX 2060 Phoenix GPU, ASRock B450 ITX motherboard, 32 GB RAM, HDPlex 400w HiFi DC-ATX PSU, It has a 2 TB SSD and Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX cooler fan. Therefore, it can be said that it is a real gaming computer in terms of hardware.

When we look at the photos of the Xbox One S RTX, we see that the Xbox One S has additional vents opened to its own vents, an alternative power button has been added to the original power button of the Xbox One S, and Xbox green LED lighting has been added to the Blu-ray drive. Therefore, it is possible to say that the original Xbox One S case has been ‘updated’ in order for the device to work.

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Considering that all parts on the Xbox One S RTX cost $ 1,300, we can say that unless you are a PC fan, purchasing a new generation Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S is a much more profitable choice.


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