A Fresh Look at Legal Romcoms: 3 Reasons to watch “Legal Cafe”


If you need a drama to watch, and also you like the legal genre with a piece of romance, the “Legal Cafe” with the talented Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi in the lead roles will suit you. The story tells about the cases of the owner of the legal cafe Kim Yoo Ri (Lee Se Young) and her landlord and former friend Kim Jung Ho (Lee Seung Gi), who used to be a prosecutor, but quit for unknown reasons. While the drama is filled with all the typical elements of a romantic comedy, it pushes the boundaries a little further than most others, which allows it to stand out among the crowd. Here are three reasons why you should add him to your watch list.

Warning: small spoilers for the first half of the drama below.

The trail from exes to lovers

From enemies to lovers, from fake dates, from childhood friends to lovers, Korean dramas are no stranger to some of the best cliches in the romance genre. However, one trail that is not often used for the main couples is the trail of exes to lovers. The “Legal Cafe” is one of the exceptions to this, as it uses a trope between Kim Yoo Ri and Kim Jong Ho. In the first half of the drama, it turns out that the couple decided to “date” in college so that others wouldn’t bother them because of romance.

Although the couple only have fake dates, they still use all the longing and longing that accompanies the trail of exes to lovers. Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi have wonderful chemistry, and as a viewer you’ll find yourself cursing your screen for them to communicate and work together. It seems very fresh for a Korean drama and gives a new look at the past relationships that many romantic couples have.

The destruction of the fourth wall

One of the details that puts a “lump” in this romcom drama is the destruction of the fourth wall. Throughout the episodes, all the characters address the audience with information about the court case they are working on, the gossip of the neighbors, other characters they are fighting, and much more.

Breaking the fourth wall is often a hit or miss in movies and shows. However, the “Legal Cafe” nails it to the head. It doesn’t seem awkward or unpleasant, but rather makes viewers feel like they are part of this tight-knit group of friends and family. It’s as if you’re participating in their internal jokes and gossip, as well as the fact that you’re a shoulder to lean on when they talk about more serious things. It’s interesting to watch, and this makes the series stand out among the typical romantic comedy Korean dramas.

Kim Yoo Ri’s Lawyer Style

From a bold and unique wardrobe to a confident personality, Kim Yoo Ri is a fresh, new character on stage. Often in legal dramas, the main lawyer is cold, secretive, probably a child prodigy from birth, and is not afraid to use non-standard methods to catch a bad guy like Kim Jung Ho. This does not mean that these characters are unpleasant to look at. In fact, they are usually very enjoyable to watch because you know that they will succeed in the end. But that makes Kim Yoo Ri even more visible. She is passionate, persistent and a little upset. She literally screams in the face of criminals who try to disrespect her or the victims she represents, and she has a strong moral compass to stay within the law.

Kim Yoo Ri as a character is very well written and convincing. Her strong personality not only inspires viewers and entertains them, but also encourages other characters to move forward in the series, allowing them to get better and catch bad guys without becoming borderline criminals. Simply put, it is refreshing and invigorating.


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