A Freak in the Piece: Will Smith, HBO Max


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turned 30 recently and fans were thrilled to see the reunion that took place between cast members like Will Smith, Tatyana Ali and Karyn Parsons.

The meeting between the members also served to produce the series special that will be released directly by HBO Max. Without a specific script, the actors must remember the most special moments they lived together and should be released during the Thanksgiving period in the United States. , on December 26th.

What we already know about the Um Maduco no Pedaço special
The streaming platform has the rights to display Um Maluco no Pedaço and offers the six seasons of the series to marathon since May.

The special, which should also include special guests, in addition to the cast itself, will be directed by Marcus Raboy. The actors got together for a moment full of music and dance to remember the series that impacted a whole generation.

To give a taste of what we can expect, Will Smith posted a photo on his Instagram with everyone gathered, proving that we all needed this meeting of Crazy in the Piece, even though we don’t know it yet!


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