A Former Friend of Subin From TXT Shared a Funny Fact About The Idol


Earlier this week, a post titled “Soobin was a best friend when I was young” appeared in the Korean online community.

The network user started the message with the words: “I lived in Ansan when I was little, and there was a boy 2 years younger who lived on the second floor of our house. I was hanging out with him all the time. and his name was Choi So-bin. He used his Nintendo a lot and didn’t want to give it to me. I remember seeing him play the game “Crayon Shin-chan”. One day I took his Nintendo and he started crying.”

She continued, “Our families were pretty close. When we ran out of rice, we went to Soobin for it. They will come to us if they run out of side dishes. But we became less close after our family moved to another neighborhood.”

Then a netizen laughingly shared a funny fact about Soobin: “Soobin liked his dimple on his cheeks, which he always bragged about. He also loved his mother very much. He wasn’t a mama’s boy or anything like that; he was just a boy who really loved his mother. »

She continued, revealing an interesting fact: “Soobin was a very cute kid. Although his older brother didn’t like me very much. Probably because I worried them too much. One day I made Soobin cry and his older brother reported me. »

After that, Soobin former neighbor shared when she realized that Soobin from TXT was her friend Choi Soobin.

She said: “The other day I watched a video on YouTube. I happened to watch the performance of Soobin and ARIN, and I thought: “I’ve seen that face somewhere.” Is it possible that Choi Soobin…?” So I sent my mom a text with a picture of Soobin, asking if it was the Subin we knew. »

“Mom said, “Oh, yeah. It’s him. It looks exactly the same as in the past. It was weird. I asked, “Is our former neighbor Soobin? Wow. You really don’t know what’s going to happen in life.”

“That day I found a photo of Soobin, my younger brother and me in my old album at home. He looks exactly the same. Anyway, I hope he’s happy! and then she finished the story.


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