A First From Binance: Fan Token Is Coming


Binance, which has brought many interesting projects to the crypto money world on its own project development platform, is entering a new era. It has now become a competitor to the Chilliz and Bitci ecosystem.

Binance Lazio token

When we say fan token, the biggest ecosystem is undoubtedly Chilliz or Socios. Then comes the Bitci platform. Binance also wants to have a say in this important market by taking the first step with the Lazio club.

LAZIO token has a total supply of 40 million. Binance will sell 4 million LAZIO tokens. A limit of 20 thousand LAZIO tokens has been set for each user. 1 LAZIO token will be deducted from wallets as BNB for 1 USD.

Investors are required to keep BNB in ​​their wallets during the process that will start on October 14. Screenshots will be taken every day until October 21. Afterwards, the average will be calculated and investors will be given a 4-hour buy option on the same day. LAZIO at expiry of time

Fan tokens have become very popular lately and have reached high numbers. PSG is currently trading at $24 and is in the lead with a valuation of $76 million. LAZIO will also very likely surpass the $1 level.


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