A feature for those who keep their tracks on YouTube Music


YouTube Music resists paying for it, but if you still use this service for your tracks uploaded to the cloud, you can now stream that content to devices and speakers around your home. Originally available only to premium subscribers, the offering has expanded.

As stated by Android Police, YouTube Music now works better with the Google Assistant when it comes to your personal playlists. While talking with the Assistant, you can ask for them by their name and the playlist will appear directly. It seems strange that this system, which previously did not work properly, takes time to work as desired.

When you browse through the YouTube Music app on your phone, you will notice something new, that will be the lists. With an update to the Explore tab, top-ranked lists for artists, songs and music videos have been added in 57 countries.

With these updates, Google continues its long-planned plan to phase out Google Play Music. As a result, YouTube Music will remain the only music service it has.

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