A Fan Remakes the Best Furniture and Amps Animal Crossing Items in Real Life


The fan artist has created several pieces of furniture and objects based on some of the best Animal Crossing game items. Nintendo’s social simulator, Animal Crossing, offers a wide range of social interactions with hundreds of colorful characters and offers a variety of furnishings and decor so that players can change their home. Players can even get paintings based on real works of art in Animal Crossing, for which one player recently completed a personal mission to visit the museums of his real colleagues.

There is no shortage of customization options in Animal Crossing. Since the series debuted in 2001, the choice of decor in Animal Crossing has allowed players to create their homes, cities and islands in many creative ways, and this choice has grown with each entry. The games also feature a variety of themed items suitable for almost any idea that players can come up with, giving a special touch needed for more creative builds. With the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, offering the largest selection of furniture and items in the main AC game to date, players have even been able to bring something like Jurassic Park to their Animal Crossing Island.

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Artist Alyssa D. Silos, known on Twitter as Alythuh, showed off some impressive pieces of furniture and objects from the real world inspired by furniture from Animal Crossing. Fans will immediately recognize the upholstery of the custom-made gaming chair, inspired by the legendary favorite Froggy Chair. Silos also created a variant of the Lily Pad table, another pillar of the Animal Crossing set list, as well as a raindrop mirror that could perfectly match the ocean-themed items in Animal Crossing.: New Horizons. In the last picture, the author sees a rug made of moss and a lamp made of mush on the table. Silos plans to sell these crafts through its Tiny Protectors store when it opens on July 8, 2022, and this furniture will appear in a while.

I make furniture that you will see in animal crossing pic.twitter.com/0Kdp5TvPKV

— Alyssa (@Alythuh) July 3, 2022

Silos’ Animal Crossing-inspired work has already received acclaim among their followers, especially the Froggy-inspired gaming chair, which is a step up from the fan-taunts the Sims 4 received for their Froggy Chair item. Although the Froggy gaming chair is outstanding, it’s nice to see that almost all non-standard furniture is praised in fan responses, which certainly bodes well for the store’s future launch. Although prices are currently unknown, it seems that non-standard Silos products will be in high demand.

It’s amazing how a simple but eccentric artistic style in Animal Crossing decor can inspire one person to create a furniture line out of it. Creative fans will always find a way out to pay homage to what they love, and in many cases size and volume are not an issue. With that said, perhaps soon an even more hardworking fan will build a full-fledged house in the style of Animal Crossing to give the Silo work a real home.