A fan recreates the terrible P.T. With DOOM engine


They continue creating horror experiences based on the mythical Silent Hills P.T., this time, through the classic graphics engine of the first Doom.

It is clear that P.T. left its mark on thousands and thousands of players and fans with that movement so remembered by Konami and PlayStation in the middle of the Gamescom 2014 event, a kind of technical horror demo that no one knew where it came from, but hours after its launch in PS Store was discovering its true reason for being: the ill-fated return of the Silent Hill saga with Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus behind a project that was to become a new installment of the franchise, known on that occasion as Silent Hills .

Play P.T. with pixels as fists

And is that the subsequent cancellation of the project and the withdrawal of the demo by Konami was a great disappointment for many. For this reason, and since then, there have been many tributes and recreations of that dark corridor in the shape of an “L” that made us experience such good and bad moments that summer on PS4. So much so, that now comes the umpteenth recreation of P.T., this time, through the classic Doom graphics engine; And best of all, it is available completely free of charge.

Thus, a fan known as Andrea Gori has recreated P.T. Through a whole demake using the id Software classic Doom engine from the 90s, with all the limitations that this implies, but achieving a more than surprising result that even generates fear in those who get carried away by such a gloomy atmosphere.

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To enjoy this curious version of P.T. It is only necessary to download the project from itch.io completely free of charge and have GZDOOM installed, also free. A curiosity of just a few minutes that will arouse the interest of P.T. fans, without a doubt.


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