A fan of the Michele Morrone Aurum Roman collection!


Michele Morrone has released a new collection of Aurum Roma clothing. And surprise! Fans are snapping up his creations! We show you!

Michele Morrone continues to amaze his fans! The 365 Dni star recently released her own clothing brand Aurum Roma. And his creations are very successful on the web! Something to make the artist very proud!

Michele Morrone has enjoyed immense success since his role in 356 Dni. Indeed, the handsome kid has become an essential actor thanks to his steamy role in the Netflix fiction.

The young dad therefore takes advantage of his notoriety to embark on many projects. The handsome brunette recently released his debut album Dark Room which wowed his fans!

But that’s not all ! Michele Morrone also has a second passion! Indeed, the star of 365 Dni is also a great business man. He thus launched his own clothing brand Aurum Roma.

The actor offers bikinis and sleepwear for women. He has also just released an ultra sexy range of fine lingerie.


As always, Michel Morrone has met with immense success with this project. Indeed, Internet users adored his creations. And they rip off her clothes on the online store.

Fans of the actor don’t hesitate to share their purchases through their Instagram story. A pride for the handsome kid who hastens to thank them!

Yesterday, Michele Morrone shared many messages from his fans. And the least we can say is that they are delighted with their purchase!

So this is a great achievement for the 365 Dni star. Indeed, the young actor is thoroughly reboosted thanks to the opinions of his admirers about his brand.

The handsome kid may therefore surprise us again with his future Aurum Roma collections!


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