A fan of The Last of Us showed an amazing tattoo of a clicker


When The Last of Us was first released in 2013, it conquered the gaming world. Since its initial release, it has been redesigned for PlayStation 4, and the new version for PlayStation 5 has recently gone gold. While there’s no way to know if the new version of the game will sell well, there’s every indication that the franchise’s fan base is still strong.

In a recent post, Reddit user CaptainLongshorts showed a tattoo they recently made based on the clickers of The Last of Us. The image showed an artful tattoo of a clicker from The Last of Us. For the most part, the basic design of the enemies remains intact, but a few liberties are allowed. In particular, it gives the zombie creature a long tongue, similar to a Venom.

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In The Last of Us, clickers are one of the most dangerous antagonists of the game. Having reached the third stage of infection, clickers are completely blind and rely on sound to hear their potential prey. Since the first game was released, they have remained one of the most memorable parts of the franchise, inspiring complex cosplays that even attracted the attention of Naughty Dog itself.

I have a tattoo clicker 🤫 from thelastofus

The clicker tattoo itself is undoubtedly a work of art, but perhaps it doesn’t match the design from The Last of Us. In the game, their teeth are visibly destroyed and devoid of sharp features that can be seen on this tattoo. The complex Venom-like language also gives the impression that the tattoo is not so much a zombie from the game as a clicker version of the Spider-Man antagonist, similar to what gamers saw in the latest Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. trailer.

On the other hand, when it comes to artistic liberties, sometimes you need to use. Much of what makes clickers intimidating in the game has a lot to do with their movements, the sounds they make, and the general atmosphere of their surroundings. As a result, some changes will need to be made to the two-dimensional tattoo to make the image more memorable. In the past, fans of drawing clickers faced a similar problem when they drew a version of a clicker with a shock of long hair. In this particular case, the tattoo was supposed to make the monster in question a little more ferocious, and the result was an image that is unlikely to leave your mind in the near future.

The Last of Us is available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 5 version will be released on September 2.


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