A fan of The Last of Us discovered a hidden message in the Firefly Hospital


The Last of Us series is known for many things, including stunning visuals and an amazing level of detail. Recently, a fan of The Last of Us noticed and shared a very small touch that many will not notice at the first pass.

The secret in question is discovered near the end of the game, and players can only discover it in the Firefly Hospital. However, given how intense this part of the game is, few players are likely to stop to admire the scenery. Those who want to take a break from Joel’s brutal rescue operation will be able to see a poster on one of the walls. In particular, this is a vision check table that many have seen at some point in their lives.

Obviously, the vision check table found in the hospital will not be anything special in itself. Since many people will probably need to check their eyesight during hospital visits, having a similar diagram in the Fireflies database just makes sense and is a good addition on the part of Naughty Dog. However, Reddit user and fan of The Last of Us dracaenaarborea422 noted that there is more to this chart than meets the eye, as it actually serves as a motivational message.

An interesting detail from Thelastofus

The message is “RUN ALMOST THERE, DON’T GET OUT”, and it can be found if the players read each line straight. This is a terrific secret, since usually players just go according to the schedule and don’t think anything about it. This can also have several meanings, since Naughty Dog can appeal to the player or the developer can motivate himself to continue working. It could also be how Joel perceives the vision diagram, and the protagonist reads it that way, since all he can think about is reaching Ellie.

Along with over 1,600 votes, many players were quick to comment that they never noticed there was a hidden message in the eye chart. Those who realized this only after several playthroughs, such as gregsonfilm, noticed the words during the sixth playthrough. Others talked about how they took the message, and Big-Teb-Guy interpreted the diagram for the eyes as that the universe supports Joel’s decision to save Ellie.

It will be interesting to see if the same Easter egg returns in “The Last of Us, Part 1”, as Naughty Dog can always replace the vision diagram message with something completely new. Even the upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us for HBO may include an eye chart with a hidden message that many will probably appreciate based on the positive response to this post.

The Last of Us Part 1 is released on September 2 on PS5. The PC version is currently under development.