A fan of the Elf Ring has created his own video for the Training boss Soldier of Godrick


The popular FromSoftware role-playing game Elden Ring is known for its complexity, and famous bosses such as Margit the Abominable Omen, Star Foulness Radan and Maliket the Black Blade serve as unshakable roadblocks on the path of most players. However, one optional boss that is known for its lack of difficulty is Godric’s Soldier. In fact, the enemy has become one of the easiest bosses in the Elden Ring. However, one Redditor hopes to pay tribute to him by adding a new opening cut scene to the fight.

After the player crosses the misty gate, the camera pans across the deserted arena, eventually settling on Godric’s Soldier. He quips that he “did you a favor enough”—a phrase taken from a late—game fight against Godfrey, the First Lord of the Ancients-before attacking. Godric’s Soldier has become something of a meme in the Elden Ring community, and Redditor u/Prsy0220 half-jokingly called him “indestructible” in his comprehensive list of Elden Ring boss levels.

Memes aside, even for a training meeting with the boss, Godric’s Soldier is not impressive, and many agree that the battle lacks the seriousness of the Demon of the Avant-Garde Demon of Souls or the original Demon of the Refuge of Dark Souls. To this end, the efforts of u/Jaown9 help to revive an otherwise uninteresting duel, and the addition adds a sense of levity that is almost completely absent in Elden Ring. Some consider Margit to be a real Elden Ring training boss, and although this video doesn’t quite match the iconic entrance of this boss, it helps close the big gap in quality between the two introductory meetings.

I made a Cutscene of Soldier Godric from Eldenring

Some fans believe that “Soldier Godric” should have been replaced with something more threatening. Erdtree Burial Watchdog, for example, has a much more intense aura, although it’s not much more difficult compared to some of the game’s later trials. Others claim that the Grafted Offspring could be adapted for the role of Godric’s Soldier, although this is one of the most terrible enemies of the Elden Ring, which could alienate some new players from this experience.

Of course, Godric’s Soldier is far from the first ridiculously simple boss opponent in the history of Souls; the greedy demon from Dark Souls 2 became the subject of many jokes when the game debuted in 2014, and the Deacons of the Depths from Dark Souls 3 underwent similar treatment when the final part of the trilogy was released in 2016. ‘the infamous boss Spinner, an enemy who is so easy to defeat that he, as a Soldier of Godric, barely stands out among the hordes of standard enemies.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.