A fan of Marvel’s Avengers shared a neat concept of the Winter Soldier


Marvel’s Avengers players have a good idea of who the next few heroes will be, as both the Winter Soldier and the Hulk Woman seem to be lined up for the game. Recently, one Marvel’s Avengers fan who seems particularly excited about the Winter Soldier shared a neat mockup depicting Bucky’s possible abilities.

It is worth noting that Bucky is not officially approved for a role in Marvel’s “Avengers,” although all signs point to his imminent debut. Not only did reputable insiders say he would be next, but Crystal Dynamics said the next character to be added to the game would not be an echo fighter. Although the Female Hulk is likely to appear in the game soon, she will certainly fit that description, so it makes sense for someone else to come along. With the dialogues for Bucky put together a few months ago, Crystal Dynamics has clearly been working on it for some time.

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Although Bucky Barnes is likely to appear in Marvel’s “Avengers” in the next few weeks, fans have no idea how he will play. Aside from a few heavy punches with his metal arm, his set of movements is a mystery, as it’s hard to imagine how Crystal Dynamics would single him out. Fortunately, Reddit user IIII-APEX-IIII came up with his own set of abilities for the hero. They also included images showing what some abilities might look like in the game, and their HUD layout was extremely robust.

If the design of the Winter Soldier IIII-APEX-IIII got into the game, its internal ability would be a shield, and its ultimate would be a flamethrower. In his heroic Assault mode, there will be various throwing weapons, such as fragmentation grenades and throwing knives, and in heroic support mode, he will use stun grenades or smoke grenades. The Redditor also details the melee attacks they would like to see, suggesting using a combat knife and a weapon in his combo. Redditor even offers a night vision mode that can be seen on mockups.

The main layout shows a potential HUD for the Winter Soldier, and the IIII-APEX-IIII gives a good idea of the hero’s weapon. The player designs the weapon panel so that it looks exactly the same as in “Black Widow”, which makes sense from a mechanical point of view, since Bucky will most likely play as Natasha. According to this player, Bucky must have a sniper rifle, an assault rifle and a pistol. With the first two weapons not used by the Black Widow, the Winter Soldier will probably feel unique.

Overall, the concept was well received by the gaming community, and many hoped that the official version of Bucky would have similar abilities. While Marvel’s Avengers summer skins served as a fun addition, many are ready for a significant release of content such as Winter Soldier.

Marvel’s Avengers is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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