A fan of Final Fantasy shows off a collection of Nintendo games


The Last Fantasy franchise has a legendary Nintendo history dating back almost 40 years, and a devoted fan of the series talks about an impressive collection of Last Fantasy games available on several Nintendo consoles. The lineup was revealed a few months before Nintendo Switch gets another major Final Fantasy game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Demonstrates a collection of Reddit u/PsimplePsychology games demonstrates a collection of Final Fantasy games from the Game Boy Advance to the latest Nintendo Switch system. The first game in the collection is Final Fantasy 1 and 2: Dawn of Souls, a collection of the first two Final Fantasy games for the Game Boy Advance. Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS received the first six Final Fantasy games in the form of exclusive Nintendo remakes. These games will eventually appear on PC and mobile platforms with significant improvements in the Pixel remaster series Last Fantasy. However, the Pixel remaster series Last Fantasy is currently unavailable on the Switch, despite fans clamoring for titles.

Includes physical copies of all numbered games ED/PsimplePsychology includes physical copies of all numbered games “last fantasy” on the switch, from 7 to 12 Last Fantasy Last Fantasy: The Age of the Zodiac. Fantasy Finale Fantasy Finale 7 and 8 are remastered and available digitally on the Switch, but the games have also been released in a physical “Twin Pack” by online retailers such as Play-Asia. In addition, Final Fantasy 9 is another game, and the game is present in the collection along with Switch, and the game is present in the collection along with Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD remasters. Final Fantasy 12: Wings of the Revenant, the sequel to Final Fantasy 12: Age of the Zodiac for the Nintendo DS, completes the collection of Final Fantasy games for Nintendo.

As u/PsimplePsychology notes, many Final Fantasy games are available on Nintendo platforms. Nevertheless, the user hopes that someday the Final Fantasy 13 series will join the Nintendo collection. Currently, all three Final Fantasy 13 games are available due to backward compatibility on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Console players cannot play Final Fantasy 13 on the latest hardware from Nintendo and PlayStation.

Final Fantasy has a rich history with PlayStation and Nintendo, and the u/PsimplePsychology collection is just one example of how the series is released on different platforms. We hope that the Area company will continue to invest in the Ultimate Fantasy franchise and will finally introduce Pixels Last Fantasy, recycling and the Last Fantasy 13 series to the switch.

Fortunately, Crisis Core: The Reunion of The Last Fantasy 7 will be released on the switch this December to support the “last fantasy” line of games from Nintendo. The new Final Fantasy 7 game should be a worthy addition to this fan’s collection.

The Core of the Crisis: Final Fantasy Reunion 7 is released on December 13 on Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox in the X|S series.


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