A fan of Final Fantasy 14 Makes a book controller for the work of a scientist


Gamers are always looking for ways to express their creativity, and fans of Final Fantasy 14 are certainly among them. One of the players of Final Fantasy 14 expressed this creativity in the form of a custom book controller, with which you can perform tasks of a Scientist and a Summoner.

Super Louis 64 is the creative genius behind this controller. His mastery of creating crazy custom controllers earned him the title of “Controller Bender”. The Scholar Book Controller is one of the many Final Fantasy 14 controllers he created in his quest to become a true Warrior of Light.

The controller itself is a modified Xbox controller that uses pressure sensors to detect when it is writing in a book. The giant pencil has a joystick and additional buttons that allow Super Louis 64 to move his character and choose from preset abilities. In order to actually cast a spell, Super Louis 64 must draw at the top or bottom of the page of the book for a certain time, after which the pronouncing of preset spells begins. Although he won’t be going through the most difficult content of Final Fantasy 14 with him, going through the Super Louis 64 dungeons with a controller was chaotic and fun.

Although he has already made many other Final Fantasy 14 controllers, Super Louis 64 has made some of them for other games as well. He went through Halo 3 and Elden Ring with the Guitar Hero controller and played Overwatch with the Ring Fit Adventure controller. He even went through Dark Souls with a controller made of real bananas. Truly, there is no limit to the creative absurdity of the ideas of the Super Louis 64 controller.

Super Louis 64 fans love his wacky controller bending skills. Although these are hardly the most optimal forms of gameplay, many fans will not miss the opportunity to play with one of these controllers. Many would like it if Final Fantasy 14 gave him the go-ahead to develop official custom controllers for the game, no matter how unlikely it might be. Many fans are also wondering what his custom controllers would look like for less orthodox weapons in Final Fantasy 14, such as several flying nulite Sage wands.

Never satisfied, Super Louis 64 is already planning its next project to bend the Final Fantasy 14 controller. He’s been teasing a few of these projects for a while, especially the Dark Knight’s two-handed sword controller. In the meantime, fans of the critically acclaimed MMORPG can enjoy other Super Louis 64 projects as they prepare for the next major update to Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 is already available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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