A fan of Final Fantasy 14 combines popular characters with Lightning and Rani from Elven Ring


A talented fan of Final Fantasy 14, who is also an artist, combines several characters from the critically acclaimed MMORPG with the famous demigods from Elden Ring. Their first two projects combined Lina and I’stola with Malenia and Ranni respectively, creating a truly fantastic fusion between Final Fantasy 14 and Elden Ring.

The character combinations were created by ArcTemperedPhoeniX, a passionate fan of Final Fantasy 14 and Elden Ring. They created a lot of fan art for both games, as well as for Castlevania, Dragon’s Crown and others.

The first of the mergers of Final Fantasy 14 and Elden Ring was Lina, an important character from the Shadowbringers expansion, and Malenia, the infamous Blade of Mikella and the most difficult boss in Elden Ring. On the art, the captain of the guard was depicted as the “Shakram of the crystal exarch”, which reflected Lina’s devotion to her surrogate father and Malenia’s devotion to her twin. ArcTemperedPhoeniX used the crystal corruption of the Crystal Exarch instead of the Scarlet Rot of Malenia and developed an armor that represents the perfect combination of the two characters. Both characters wear crimson cloaks, which brings them even closer together.

“Lyna, Chakram of Crystal Exarch”, inspired by Elden Ring from ffxiv.

The second crossover is between I’stola Rule and the witch Ranny. The mixing of these two characters in ArcTemperedPhoeniX reflects the previous drawing they made with Ranny, but with more elements of I’stola combined with her clothes and style. Most fans would agree with ArcTemperedPhoeniX in wanting a Ranny hat for their Final Fantasy 14 glamour or a Nixie-influenced version of the Ranny minion for their collections. The combination of the two main characters, beloved by fans of the franchises, witches And ‘shtola, will undoubtedly win the hearts of many.

Y’shtola, The Scion Witch/Sorceress (another of my works inspired by Elden Ring X FFXIV..I wish this hat was in the game…) from ffxiv

As expected, fans of Final Fantasy 14 and Elden Ring instantly fell in love with the work of ArcTemperedPhoneiX. Both received dozens of comments within a few days after the publication of the works. In addition to the addition of ArcTemperedPhoeniX in their work, fans also presented other situations of the intersection of the world of Final Fantasy 14 and Lands Between. Some have also suggested how best to create glamour for these Elden Ring characters in Final Fantasy 14—an act that other players have done in games like Guild Wars 2.

It’s unclear if ArcTemperedPhoeniX plans to make more Elden Ring and Final Fantasy 14 crossovers. There are many other characters in both games that could draw fantastic parallels. The possible upcoming DLC for Elden Ring will undoubtedly have even more terrifying and fantastic characters — perhaps one of them can inspire ArcTemperedPhoneiX to create another Final Fantasy 14 mashup.

Final Fantasy 14 is already available for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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