A fan of Fallout 3 recreated a real treasure hunt for a baby in Washington, DC


The user printed the figures of the Vault-Tec dummies from Fallout 3 on a 3D printer and placed them in Washington, DC. Although Bethesda has already confirmed the release of Fallout 5, it’s nice to see that fans are still interested in some of the older releases. The series has been gaining momentum, with the possible exception of Fallout 76, since developer Skyrim took over the franchise in 2008. With such a huge open world, players have a lot to explore, and many like to look for small game figures.

Of course, it’s not always about fun adventures. Fallout 3 is considered a defining part of the post-apocalyptic genre, and it has elements of horror. This was the first part of the series to feature a fully three-dimensional environment, and with it came clearly defined wasteland horrors such as ghouls and Death Claw. Since then, this series has become something of a staple for those who get great pleasure from open-world games that take place after nuclear disasters, and sometimes it can take the form of a real treasure hunt.

At least, this was done by the user mafnxxx. As PCGamesN noticed, several images were uploaded to Imgur, which show how the Fallout 3 dummies are placed in various places throughout the capital. Each of them was printed individually and is a figure of a certain type that players can usually collect in the game, for example, a dummy of luck or strength. Mafnxxx even included an Action Abe from the game that looks like Abe Lincoln and was placed in the Lincoln Memorial.

In a sense, these may be figures from Fallout as a whole and not necessarily from the third game. However, given that Fallout 3 is set in Washington, D.C., albeit reimagined as a much more dilapidated wasteland, mafnxxx wanted their real treasure hunt to be tied to this particular entry. They say they tried very hard to match the game map as closely as possible by placing them in the appropriate places in the real world, although they also tried to show respect by not placing them in the cemetery.

This is also not the first time mafnxxx has done something like this. Earlier this year, they placed Fallout dummies around Phoenix, calling it a “real-life Easter egg hunt.” It’s a bit of fun when you’re not playing the Fallout games themselves, and presumably the user will find other areas of the US to conduct another treasure hunt.

Fallout 3 is already available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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