A fan of Fake Fire Emblem Spends a Chaotic Reddit AMA Answering Questions Correctly


An animator who knows nothing about Fire Emblem took to Reddit to answer questions related to Fire Emblem, and surprisingly answered many of them correctly. Fire Emblem is a tactical fantasy Japanese role–playing game that first debuted in Japan in 1990 for the Famicom. It currently includes more than fifteen main games, several remakes and two additional products, such as the recently released Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Fire Emblem is known for its challenging gameplay, as well as often extravagant characters and storylines.

Series Fire Emblem is often remembered for the mechanics in which individual characters can be irretrievably lost when they lose all their health in battle. That’s why the series, as a rule, makes extra efforts to ensure that the characters and plots are remembered, because the presence of a large number of cute characters means that any losses can have an emotional impact on the player. As more games were created, this led to a long list of characters with more dramatic personalities, looks, and backstories that stood out from an already large cast. For example, while there are more humble characters, such as Will, who fight to protect their friends, in later games there are characters such as Baylet, who can also be played in Super Smash Bros., he has time travel powers and a sword made of magic bones.

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Reddit user and animator Bagimations asked Fire Emblem fans to ask them questions about the series, previously mentioning that they had never played any Fire Emblem games. Funnily enough, as Twitter user Jordan Brown mentioned, their answers, intended as jokes, often turn out to be absolutely correct. Namely, to the question: “How many houses are in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?” Bagimationis jokingly replied: “Four?”. Despite the name of the game, four is actually the correct answer. While the main plot of “Three Houses” follows the story of three houses from the officer Academy, the DLC introduced a secret fourth house called “Ash Wolves”. Another question they received for the same game was: “Did Edelgard, Dmitry and Rhea do anything wrong? And Claude is the best boy?”. The answer was: “No to the first three, yes to the last one.” Although these questions are certainly more based on personal opinion, many fans familiar with the plot of the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses tend to agree that this is also true. Regardless of which house the player chooses, Edelgard, Dmitry and Rhea are solely responsible for the deaths of many people. Although Claude’s hands are not necessarily clean, his goals are to minimize losses and establish peace throughout the continent.

This Reddit thread is hilarious. https://t.co/5uaOqTMKQG pic.twitter.com/nv1Fd8kmky

— Jordan Brown (@robotortoise) June 29, 2022

Although all of Bagimations’ answers were jokes and therefore never intended to be correct, it’s funny to see that what is considered an exaggeration is so close to the truth. There were over 1,000 comments and questions to the original Reddit post, and most of the responses proved that Bagimations had indeed never played any Fire Emblem game before. This creates the effect of “the broken clock is still running correctly twice a day”, when one answer turns out to be canonical.

As Bagimations has shown, the truth is sometimes stranger than you might think. Do fans love Fire Emblem for gameplay or overly dramatic stories, many may agree that storylines in the series can take unexpected turns.