A fan of Call of Duty Zombies discovered an Absurd trick with a paralyzing miracle weapon Buried


Call of Duty Zombies fans may have thoroughly searched every map for clues and secrets, but one fan found a little-known trick on the Black Ops 2 Buried map. Call of Duty Zombies fans interested in reproducing this maneuver should get hold of the miracle weapon Paralyzer.

There have been many unique Wonder Weapons in Call of Duty Zombies over the years, but the Paralyzer takes one of the first places in terms of originality. Not only does this weapon have unlimited ammo, which makes it a powerful cartridge, it also allows players to fly around the map if they jump while firing on the ground. While slowing down the undead on the verge of death is the main purpose of the weapon, fans got a lot of pleasure from the flight possibilities — and it turned out that even more can be done with the Stunner.

The trick in question was demonstrated by Reddit user Shadowassassin14, and it shows the player hiding in the most spectacular camping spot on Buried: Juggernog Alley. While Shadowassassin14 waits for his Stunner to recharge, he tells his teammate to get ready. As soon as the gun can be fired, they retreat to the Perks’ car and signal their teammate dolphin to dive while the Stunner is firing. The funny thing is that this propels their ally forward and they explode as soon as they land on the ground.

Did anyone else know that you can do this with a stunner? from CODZombies

While the explosion is caused by the constant PhD Flopper perk, the really interesting part of the video is the launch of a Redditor teammate. Obviously, Shadowassassin14 was amazed by this mechanic, as they let out a shrill excited “yo”. The post’s title asked the rest of the Call of Duty Zombies community if they knew if this was possible, and the vast majority of commenters shared that it was the first time they had seen a Stunner used in this way.

Although theoretically players can use this stunner trick to cause PhD Flopper explosions without jumping from a high area, its practical use will be extremely limited. Instead, this trick is likely to be seen as another way to loaf around and kill time between rounds, although that doesn’t make it any less satisfying. Although Zombies fans have been enjoying Buried for over nine years, many players have learned something new about the map thanks to the discovery of this Redditor explaining the 1,600 votes the clip received.

For those hoping to replicate those silly Paralyzer launches, downloading a match with a friend and tapping the Mystery Box to get the Wonder Weapon should be the only necessary steps. This funny trick may not change the way gamers approach their matches in Buried, but the Call of Duty Zombies community clearly enjoyed learning something new about the classic map.


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