A fan of Apex Legends has come up with an amazing concept for mad Maggie Buffy


With each new season of Apex Legends, there are a number of changes in the battle royale. In particular, every season a new legend appears on the list. While most of the characters added to the game are viable if played correctly, some of them are undoubtedly more popular than others. For example, one Legend that has not attracted much attention lately is the freedom fighter from Salvo, Mad Maggie.

First introduced to many fans in the Stories from the Outlands episode “Good as Gold”, Mad Maggie later officially debuted on the game list in season 12. it has fallen in recent months. In fact, she is now one of the least selectable characters in the game along with Legend Crypto season 3. With this in mind, one gamer came up with a concept that they believe could revolutionize Mad Maggie in Battle Royale and possibly boost her popularity.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as wing6781 shared an idea on how to enhance Mad Maggie in Apex Legends. In particular, this buff concept from a Reddit user was focused on the Ultimate, Wrecking Ball. According to the player, they suggested that the rolling ball of destruction deal more damage and have an increased duration of stun if it affects opponents further. In addition, they suggested that the wrecking ball should bounce the harder the longer it continues to roll.

“What are your legends made of? Emotions?” Strengthening the Destructive Ball of Mad Maggie, which corresponds to the Aggression of the Commander. from apexlegends

The attached image shows three different damage levels and stun duration for Wrecking Ball. Hitting the ball at close range dealt 20 points of damage in addition to a one-second stun. Blows from opponents at medium range dealt 30 points of damage and caused a two-second stun. And finally, hitting players at long distances caused 40 damage units, as well as a 3-second stun. In addition, wing6781 suggested that using acceleration pads from Ultimate should increase the reload speed of shotguns.

Since posting this intriguing Mad Maggie buff on Reddit, many members of the Apex Legends community have appreciated this concept. In just a couple of days, many gamers voted for this post and seem to be in favor of updating the native of Salvo. Among the comments, some praised the extra damage over time. “Yes, it makes sense. The longer it rolls, the more kinetic energy it accumulates,” We7even said on Reddit. In addition, it is worth noting that some players believed that Respawn Entertainment needed to fix its Riot Drill, claiming that in many cases this ability simply did not work.

Time will tell what happens next with Mad Maggie. While it’s reasonable to want this underrated legend to have a positive effect, some characters will inevitably be less popular than others, given the impressive size of the battle royale roster. However, Respawn Entertainment often buffs/weakens the characters, so such a rework is not beyond the scope of the possible.

Apex Legends is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.