A fan is planning a birthday party for his wife in the style of Sweet Animal Crossing


To celebrate the birthday of his soulmate, an Animal Crossing fan recently planned a themed birthday party using popular elements from a series of life simulators. Considering that the Nintendo Animal Crossing series has been released for several decades and on different game consoles, it’s not surprising that players still remain fans, despite the fact that they have grown up and are at different stages of their lives.

Many in the Animal Crossing community have created sweet gifts and surprises for their loved ones using the theme of the game. One fan assembled a special Animal Crossing keyboard for his girlfriend, while another player announced his pregnancy to his spouse in a cute Animal Crossing manner: New Horizons. This time, the fan decided that it would be great to celebrate his wife’s birthday at a themed party with Animal Crossing features and elements.

Posting several photos of their birthday in an online thread, Redditor theallshake shared that they personally made some items as part of the theme of their Animal Crossing party. In the photos, a table filled with several thematic items is in front and in the center. Among the items on the table was a large gift, similar to an Animal Crossing balloon: New Horizons, the exclusive ACNH Nintendo Switch console and even the old Nintendo DS in the style of Animal Crossing. There are stickers with characters on the wall behind the table, including a special poster drawn by a Redditor user with a special birthday message for their wife.

See more photos on Reddit.

The Reddit thread was full of compliments for theallshake’s efforts to celebrate their wife’s birthday in Animal Crossing style. The community told Redditor that they did an incredible job and that they very nicely came up with such a cute theme for this occasion. Although theallshake mentioned that they weren’t great artists, their Animal Crossing poster also received compliments from other Reddit users, showing the support of the community of fandom members. Other fans also sent their wishes and birthday greetings to the wife of the Redditor, to which they responded with gratitude.

The Animal Crossing community seems to be well known for its positivity and healthy support of its fellow fans. The way Reddit users have praised and responded to theallshake’s efforts to celebrate their wife’s birthday seems to be a testament to this. We hope that the Animal Crossing community will continue to show such incredible kindness to its members, as this will probably contribute to more content of this kind that can be shared in the future.


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