A Fan Contacted The Restaurant That BTS’s Jungkook Visited to Ask If The Singer Had a Girlfriend.


A photo of Jungkook in a restaurant has gone viral in Korean online communities.

On January 5, a post appeared in the popular community called “Jungkook was spotted on a date on Jeju Island. The meeting place of Taehyung and Jenny last year…”

In the photo, Jungkook is sitting in a restaurant next to an unknown woman. A netizen commented, “Jungkook has found love. ㅠㅠ”, which infuriated the fans.

Fans and Internet users quickly refuted the rumor that had spread so quickly since its publication. Many noted that the photo is old and indeed the star visited the restaurant with a group of her friends.

But most of all attention was attracted by an international fan who contacted the owner of the restaurant and asked if the singer was really dating a girl.

The fan even asked the host how many people (men and women) accompanied the star, and explain their relationship.

The owner said it wasn’t his girlfriend, but a full-time employee who worked with Jungkook. In the Korean online community, netizens wrote:

  • Jungkook is an adult, he can date anyone he wants
  • Stop spreading false rumors
  • and live your life

It was from last year and everyone already knows that he went with friends. He even left his signature there. People used to attack Taehyung, but now they’ve moved on to Jungkook?

However, the fact that an international fan contacted the owner actually angered other foreign fans, as they view this as a matter of confidentiality and have no right to check what kind of relationship the singer has by contacting the owner of the restaurant.


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