A famous sports brand unwraps the pink carpet for her!


A famous sports brand has just made a very nice surprise to Cardi B. The famous American singer still can’t believe it!

In a strange vehicle, a famous sports brand has just brought a new pair of shoes to Cardi B. The rapper hallucinates in front of this incredible staging!

Very active on social networks, Cardi B reveals everything about her everyday life, to say the least, out of the ordinary. Something to delight her many fans.

The latter follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse on her various accounts, in search of new nuggets.

And yet, there is plenty to do! Photoshoots, extracts from her songs and unpublished announcements, everything goes!

As a result, Cardi B has nearly 78 million subscribers on Instagram, her favorite platform. Just that !

And she just fed her feed with a crazy video! Discover the incredible gift he received from famous sports brand Reebok.


Earlier today, Cardi B shared an incredible video on Instagram. Internet users still can’t believe it!

In this one, we see a strange vehicle, with a huge “B” in the back, parked in the singer’s yard.

When she approaches, 2 women emerge from it and open the chest which then reveals a large red box on a pink carpet.

High class ! Upon opening, Cardi B discovers her exclusive pair of shoes from Reebok. And it sends very heavy!

Surprised and amused by this funny scene, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s post. It must be said that this is pretty crazy!

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