A Dungeons and Dragons player uses a box to create a 3D map


In the Dungeons and Dragons board game, there are several intricate maps that can be anything based on the imagination of the Master. One Dungeons and Dragons fan posted on Reddit an image of a 3D map they made out of a cardboard box.

The cards are used in each game session, where they set the scene for the environment in which the player’s characters live. The characters are represented by miniature figures or, if played online, a character image. D&D maps can be as detailed or minimalistic as the dungeon master wishes, and all this in order to make their game in their own image and likeness.

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Reddit user TheDarthDuncan posted in the D&D subreddit an image of a 3D map that they made out of a cardboard box. The map itself is raised and has barriers to simulate the walls of the structure that the map is supposed to simulate for players, giving it a more three-dimensional appearance. There is also a place on the lower level that can be used to roll D&D dice or store character thumbnails.

[OC] [WIP] The first attempt to make a 3D map of DnD from cardboard.

The map looks like it can work as a suitable structure during a D&D session, which can be used as a dungeon, mansion, or castle in a D&D session. It’s easy to imagine that players place their miniature figures in these rooms, and the walls help to understand the limits of what they can do in this space. Since many wonderful things will appear in D&D, such maps can inspire the creation of similar creations for new game structures.

Such a map looks very simple, but in the eyes of the Dungeon Master and their players, it can be anything. The whole idea of D&D is to play at a table with friends, using imagination and role-playing games to create a world that can be anything, even a Temple of Fire from Dark Souls, it all depends on the players and the Master.

Along with the recently announced new 6th installment, Dungeons & Dragons finally has a title that gives fans more to look forward to. But for now, Dungeons and Dragons fans can continue to find more and more innovative ways to make their games unique and appealing to their players, as DartDuncan did with his map. The versatility of Dungeons and Dragons is the main reason why the game is so accessible and able to attract more and more fans every year.