A Dungeons and Dragons fan has made an impressive monster squid figurine


Fighting in Dungeons and Dragons can be as creative as the players and the Master want to make it, because as long as the group can collectively imagine the clash, it can be implemented in the game. However, Dungeons and Dragons has a procedure for dealing with enemies. In particular, D&D combat is turn-based, and each player and enemy gets a turn for a combat round. This style of combat has been a source of inspiration for the mainstream genre since the early days of role-playing video games, and many exceptional turn-based games were created in the 80s and 90s.

Great turn-based role-playing games are still being created for modern consoles, and in order for their games to stand out, many developers have had to be creative with their turn-based systems and encounters with enemies over the years. A bonus for any D&D DM planning a unique encounter for their players is that they now have decades of creative turn-based bosses from video games that can inspire them.

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This is exactly what a Reddit user and wizard named brambleforest did by inventing a battle with a giant squid for his players. A Reddit user drew inspiration from a boss battle from the classic SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, in which players fight with individual tentacles of a giant squid enemy named King Calamari, which pierce the floor of a sunken ship. . To illustrate this conceptual battle to its players, Brambleforest created a series of figures for each arm and head of a giant squid enemy.

I think it will be a fun meeting [OC] from DnD.

The figures perfectly explain the location of the giant squid in relation to the players, but they also allow players to imagine what they can’t see below the surface, with a kind of Lovecraftian anxiety that has served as inspiration for many board games. . A Reddit user explained that they plan to use a meeting in a sunken temple where a giant squid is the guardian of the portal. The brilliance of the fight is that the squid could half come out of the portal itself to fight with the players.

A clash in which players attack individual limbs to reduce the overall health is an ingenious boss concept, because inside one enemy contains the same hierarchy as in front of a whole group of enemies. This hierarchy will also be instinctively known to players, since the squid’s six arms will clearly act as the enemy’s main attacks, and its two large tentacles will be more powerful. The squid’s head is also likely to be the most difficult part, and it will need to be destroyed in order to kill the enemy right away. Such creative encounters will also make players remember the boss as an extremely strong enemy in general, and part of the appeal of Dungeons and Dragons is defeating the strongest enemies in the game.