A detailed map of all friendships and love affairs revealed


With the recent premieres of the Chicago series P.D., Fire and Med, NBC’s official account for the series, has published a detailed map of all current relationships of the characters in the series.

The characters in each series have maintained friendships and love relationships with the same members of the show, but also in crossovers.

Sometimes members of other series, they make appearances in the same franchises of One Chicago, reason why they maintain friendships or romantic relationships during some seasons.

For this reason, the official account of the One Chicago franchises has published a map detailing how each friendship and love affair between the characters are currently. Look it here.

“What relationships are you most looking forward to seeing in these new seasons?”

The publication serves the purpose of being aware of what could happen in the new seasons of Chicago P.D., Fire and Med.

With the recent season premieres and new stories that have just started, it shows that this map could serve a lot to all One Chicago fans.

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