A DC Character Is Predicted To Appear In The Series


Lucifer fans know that season six is ​​already in production. With Netflix resisting giving out too much information, viewers can only speculate.

Viewers are hoping to see a redemption arc for the lord of hell, as he had a hard time during last season of Lucifer. Things could get worse, as viewers have now started to speculate what could happen.

A fan recently pointed out that season six might bring a character Lucifer recently shared some screen time with: Constantine (Matt Ryan).

Constantine is now part of Legends of Tomorrow, which is a DC Universe neighbor show broadcast on The CW, and Lucifer recently appeared in the network’s huge crossover: Crisis on Infinite Earths.

As a master of the dark arts, Constantine has dealt with the devil several times in his past, but never directly with Lucifer while on Earth. The crossover scene showed some of their relationship and alluded to more encounters for the couple.

Considering that he tends to destroy creatures from Lucifer’s realm, they may not be the best allies. But could season six feature Constantine and the devil fighting in Los Angeles? It is something that can only be speculated.

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