A Cuban judge replacing Ruth Bader in the Supreme Court


Cuban-American judge Bárbara Lagoa is the daughter of Cuban exiles. She lives in Miami and is one of the loudest names to replace Ruth Bader on the Supreme Court.

The president could announce his nomination between Friday or Saturday, as the president himself said this Monday during an interview on Fox. As far as is known, the 52-year-old magistrate grew up in the city of Hialeah, one of the South Florida towns with the largest Hispanic population.

In addition, her nomination could be key for the next elections, especially in Florida, which is a key state in the contest between Trump and Biden.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis nominated Lagoa in January 2019 to serve on the Florida Supreme Court. In her nomination speech, the governor noted that judges should have a “limited” job without changing the law or the Constitution.

With this nomination, the Cuban-American became the first Hispanic judge of the Supreme Court of the state. In her speech, she had some very emotional words towards her family while remembering that when her parents arrived from Cuba with only a change of clothes and their education, they never imagined that their only daughter would be at such an important event.

Within a few months, Trump nominated her for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in the city of Atlanta, a position she currently holds.

If nominated, Lagoa would be the second Hispanic to hold that position for life. The first was Sonia Sotomayor, who in 2009 was nominated by Barack Obama.


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