A Cryptocurrency Is Coming, According To Former Agent


Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp came up with an evil conspiracy theory about Microsoft’s cryptocurrency and Lady Gaga.

Former CIA agent Kevin Shipp is spreading a wild theory on Twitter that Microsoft’s cryptocurrency patent is an evil conspiracy. Shipp claims that the software giant “became clear” on this issue after featuring controversial Serbian artist Marina Abramovic in its deleted ad for the HoloLens2 virtual reality title.

An Innovative Cryptocurrency

As previously reported, Microsoft filed a patent application for an innovative cryptocurrency that uses brain waves and body heat for mining as a form of the Proof of Work algorithm:

“Body activity data can be generated based on the perceived body activity of the user. A cryptocurrency system that is communicated to the user’s device can verify whether the body activity data meets one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and issue cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified. ”

The system would make it possible to unconsciously solve complex computing tasks without distributing huge computing power like Bitcoin. Since tech giants like Microsoft often apply for patents to prevent copyright infringement, it is very likely that the system will not turn into a real product.

New Conspiracy Theories

However, the futuristic concept has sufficed to become a breeding ground for new conspiracy theories about Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates. The fact that the patent was filed under number WO2020060606A1 did not help either. Russian Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov described the episode “060606” as “somewhat alarming”:

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“The 060606 part is a bit alarming. You probably get that, right? Is it a coincidence, or is it a deliberate choice of such a symbol, called the beast number 666 in the Resurrection of John? ”

GaGa Is Also In The Work

Shipp, who sued the CIA in 2011, is now spreading popular conspiracy theories about celebrities. In one of his recent tweets, Shipp says that Oscar-winning pop star Lady Gaga became part of the sinister plan after becoming Abramovic’s student in 2013 and participating in “Spirit Cooking”.

As is known, Abramovic is one of the sensational names accused of being satanic. For this reason, Microsoft was attacked, so to speak, for using this name in its advertisements.


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