A Coronavirus Transmitted from Deer to Humans Has Been Detected: It Has 76 Different Mutations!

White-tailed Deer buck and doe in snow taken in southern MN in the wild

A deer-to-human transmission of COVID-19 has been identified in Canada. The transmitted virus was found to be a new version of the original coronavirus that mutated from 76 points. Experts, “Will a new epidemic come?” They explained that more data is needed to say anything about the question.

There has been a remarkable development regarding the coronavirus pandemic, which has regressed to the second place on the agenda due to the Russia-Ukraine war. A group of scientists in Canada detected a coronavirus transmitted from horsetail deer to humans. Scientists, who have detected only 1 case so far, explained that they need more data to prove whether the virus can be transmitted from deer to humans.

The findings, shared on bioRxiv but not currently published in a peer-reviewed journal, reveal that the virus transmitted from horsetail deer to humans is different from the original SARS-CoV-2. According to the investigations, this virus is a variant with 76 mutations. It has been announced that 23 of the mutations have been previously detected in different living things.

17 deer tested positive for coronavirus

Within the scope of studies in Canada, hundreds of deer were tested for coronavirus. As a result of the tests, the virus was detected in 17 deer. What these viruses had in common was that they were all variants with these 76 mutations. Experts say the data is important, but it’s still too early to talk about a variant that could be transmitted from deer to humans.