A coronavirus died in a plane in the USA

In the terrible incident that took place in the USA, a coronavirus patient lost consciousness a while after the plane took off from the ground, and the coronavirus patient died even though the plane made an emergency landing at another airport.

A terrible incident occurred on United Airlines flight 591 from Orlando, USA, to Los Angeles. One passenger died during the flight in question due to the coronavirus. Moreover, some of the passengers on the same flight stated that the deceased had difficulty breathing and trembling even before the plane took off.

According to the information provided by UAV, the condition of the coronavirus patient began to deteriorate approximately one and a half hours after the plane took off from the ground. Passengers gave CPR to the sick man, who soon became unconscious, and the passenger was informed to the flight staff. Although the plane was directed to New Orleans for an emergency landing, the sick man died despite all the interventions.

Coronavirus patient lied to staff during check-in

Both United Airlines and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed that the man who died was a coronavirus patient. However, in the statement made by United Airlines, it was stated that the coronavirus patient who died was asked if he had any symptoms during check-in, and the man lied and said that he had no symptoms.

The four flight attendants who came into contact with the coronavirus patient who died will be in quarantine for about two weeks upon their arrival in Los Angeles. Flight Attendants Association Spokesperson Taylor Garland made a statement following the incident, saying, “Our union continues to support the crew. “We urge passengers to comply with airline Covid-19 policies and patients to stay at home.”

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In fact, this terrible incident is a magnificent example of why COVID-19 is spreading much faster today than the first wave. The coronavirus measures, which are on the line in the first wave, have now declined to the level that coronavirus patients would be taken on the plane if they did not show symptoms. Moreover, whether a passenger has symptoms or not is “determined” solely on the passenger’s word.



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