A comment by a former Kentucky player went viral before the NBA Draft


In one year with the Kentucky Wildcats, former five-star offensive guard Shaedon Sharp did not spend a single minute on the court. But despite the lack of statistics, he lacks confidence.

Sharp applied for the 2022 NBA Draft back in April, despite not playing. Ahead of next week’s draft, he had some bold comments that quickly went viral.

“I consider myself one of the greatest players to ever play basketball,” he told NBA journalist Joe Mussatto.

This is the boldest remark that any basketball player of any level can make. Whether he believes it himself or not, he will probably need that attitude to achieve what he needs to achieve.

But basketball fans didn’t really appreciate the comments, given the lack of playing time:

“It’s crazy because he’s never played basketball,” one Twitter user replied.

“You have to ‘play the game’ to be one of the best who has ever ‘played the game,'” said another.

“It’s hard to earn this title when you scored as many points in Kentucky as Twitter user JackB97642953,” wrote a third user.

Despite the fact that he hasn’t played since high school, Shadon Sharp still claims to be an early pick in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft.

In about six days, we’ll find out if any team agrees with Sharpe’s assessment of themselves.