A Colossal Move From Bitcoin (BTC) Whales!


Two large Bitcoin (BTC) owner whales; It mobilized a huge Bitcoin fortune while transferring nearly half a billion dollars worth of BTC.

The two anonymous Bitcoin whales transferred a total of 31,099 BTC worth $ 492 million for a total fee of about $ 46. Transfers were first reported by an automated blockchain tracking tool known as the Bitcoin Block Bot. According to the latest block researcher data, the first whale moved 17,187 BTC worth $ 268 million to two separate addresses. A wallet with a total of three transactions received 13,912 BTC. Another wallet with a total of three transactions acquired 3,275 BTC.

BitInfoCharts shows that the first whale created the original wallet on November 11. The wallet became the 42nd richest wallet in existence after receiving a significant amount of BTC that same day.

The second whale transferred 13,912 BTC worth $ 224 million to two separate addresses. Looking at block explorer data, a wallet with a total of five transactions received 10,637 BTC. A second wallet with a total of four transactions collected 3,275 BTC.

The whales in question can be consultants or institutions that audit cryptocurrencies on behalf of their clients. Large amounts of cryptocurrencies may also be moved to more than one address for security reasons.

However, none of the relevant addresses have known links with any company in the cryptocurrency industry. BTC has also not been ported to any defined cryptocurrency exchange wallets where it can be traded and sold on the open market.

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