A Charging Error Appears in PS5 Game Handle DualSense


An error has appeared in the DualSense, the PlayStation 5’s joystick, preventing the joystick from charging while the PS5 is in sleep mode. But basically it is not known whether this was a deliberate limitation or a mistake.

Sony’s next-generation game console, PlayStation 5, was available in the US and several countries as of last Thursday. Console, and the next Thursday will be sold throughout the world, including Turkey. However, it seems that the launch period of the PlayStation 5 will be quite painful for Sony.

We have already conveyed to you that some players have problems with downloading or going into sleep mode on the PlayStation 5. New posts shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit for the last few days point to a different problem; DualSense charging problem.

As you know, the new generation joystick DualSense, designed by Sony for PlayStation 5, is a wireless joystick with rechargeable battery. When you are not using your PS5, you need to charge the DualSense. It seems that this charging process is not easy for some gamers.

Normally, most gamers put the console into sleep mode permanently or on a timed basis when the PS5 stops playing, while connecting the joystick to the console for charging. However, according to the statements of some PlayStation 5 owners, DualSense charges for a minute when connected to the console while the PS5 is in sleep mode, and then the charging stops.

It is unknown whether the reason for the charging process to stop is a limit set by Sony or a bug in the PS5. While a Reddit user stated that the problem was fixed when the charging cable was plugged into the rear of the PS5 instead of the USB port on the front, some users who experienced the error stated that the USB ports on the back did not provide a solution.

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For now, we do not have detailed information as Sony has not made a statement about the situation in question, but the fact that the PlayStation 5 is available in only a few countries, but an error is reported almost every day, indicating that Sony will have a very busy process in the next few weeks.



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