A character from the police drama destroyed by the fans.


NBC will finally premiere Season 8 of the fan-favorite police drama Chicago P.D. after waiting for several months.

Recall that the production of the next season of Chicago P.D. It was stopped in March as a result of the blockade generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the world.

However, the crew and cast of Chicago P.D. returned to the film set last month in order to shoot the scenes for the upcoming episodes of the series that regulars have long awaited.

A few days before the Chicago P.D. whose new episodes will hit the screens on November 11, 2020, fans took to social networks to destroy a character of the intelligence unit, who according to them, is the most annoying and boring of the series.

Turns out, some Chicago P.D. they find Jay Halstead ‘annoying’, and quite ‘boring’. The character played by Jesse Lee Soffer and has remained in the police drama since the first season.

In this regard, some Chicago P.D. They took to Reddit to express their bad impressions they have on the detective of the intelligence unit Jay Halstead, whom they also described as pathetic. Here’s what the viewer critics had to say:

“Personally, I think Jay is quite… boring. I feel like his whole character revolved around his relationship with Erin Lindsey. He always seemed to want to play the white knight for her and after a while it became pathetic for me. ”

“It’s absolutely amazing and boring. I think all he was doing was giving Lindsey a relationship.”

Likewise, Jay Halstead is also accused by fans of being too occasionally emotional, something that annoys some and attracts others. Halstead made some irrational decisions last season and hints of an affair with Upton left viewers totally frustrated.

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