A Carrier Pigeon Sold at Auction for 1.6 Million Euros


A carrier pigeon for auction in Belgium was bought by a Chinese businessman for 1.6 million euros. The Chinese businessperson, who bought another pigeon from Belgium last year, is expected to breed two pigeons.

Gaston Van De Wouwer, 76, who is a pigeon breeder in the town of Berlaar in Bruges, Belgium, has put up for sale more than 400 pigeons that he had due to health problems. What is most interesting is that a Wouwer-breeding pigeon was bought by a Chinese pigeon fancier for an unimaginable price at an online auction in the town of Knesselare.

Before the auction, a total price of 4 million 180 thousand euros was determined for the 444 pigeons to be put up for auction. In the auction, an opening price of 1 million 320 thousand euros was determined for the carrier pigeon named New Kim. Xing Wei, the owner of the China-based Kaier Industrial Group, agreed to pay 1 million 600 thousand euros  for New Kim and became the new owner of the mail pigeon. In addition, 315 euros was paid to New Kim’s mother in the same auction.

The same businessman bought another Belgian pigeon last year for 1.25 million euros.

The pigeon named New Kim, who will continue his life in China, has also acquired the title of the most expensive female pigeon that has ever lived. According to a local Dutch TV station, what makes New Kim so valuable is that it has both a good sense of direction and a breeder.

The carrier pigeon will continue to be kept in a secret place against any security risks until the handover process ends. In addition, New Kim will be looked after in a private area so that it does not fly back to Belgium after it is taken to China. According to the Belgian newspaper De Standaard, Xing Wei bought a male pigeon named Armando from Belgium for 1 million 250 thousand euros last year. Xing Wei is expected to mate New Kim with Armando.


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