A car with wheels and legs, the strange Hyundai Tiger


Cars have wheels, animals have legs. And with the exception of curious fusions in eighties toys like The Animal or the concept of the Transformers, things have remained that way. But what if these concepts were fused into an authentic vehicle? Well, that’s what the Japanese car brand Hyundai has done: Find the ultimate mobility design by mixing both elements.

Hyundai Tiger Transformer

Hyundai Motor Group has unveiled the TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot), the company’s second Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) and the first designed to be unmanned. This smart robot, which basically looks like a Transformer, is designed to carry various types of payload while navigating difficult terrain in extreme and inaccessible places.

Based on a modular platform architecture, its features include a sophisticated wheel and leg locomotion system, 360-degree directional control, and a series of sensors for remote observation. Thanks to its large cargo compartment, TIGER can transport goods for delivery, conduct space explorations or be deployed to deliver relief packages in emergency situations.

The leg wheel articulation enables TIGER to cope with a number of extreme situations and keep the payload more level than a typical land vehicle.

A vehicle with wheels and legs

With the legs retracted, TIGER drives like an all-wheel drive vehicle moving by rolling traction. But when the vehicle gets stuck or needs to navigate difficult or impassable terrain with just the wheels, it uses its ability to walk to unblock or navigate that terrain more easily. This was a feature previously seen at Elevate, Hyundai Motor Group’s first moving-legged UMV concept, which debuted at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


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