A Brain Implant Helps To Write On PC Using The Mind


Brain Implant: The world of health is very broad and solutions to everyday problems are always sought. But the most common conditions are not just a problem, and there are some that are very important and that today have no solution for those who suffer from them. For example, people with paralysis become dependent, although there are always ways to overcome barriers like this implant that helps a person with paralysis to write again.

An implant that helps to write with the mind

Technology is always a great ally of the health sector. There are many researchers who are looking for a way to offer help to the world to improve people’s lives. We’ve seen things like 3D printing to create limbs or even print bones. We also know that there are even medical drones with defibrillators or glasses that cure myopia without surgery.

But as we told you, there are still many barriers that must be left behind as they are trying at Stanford University. Researchers at this center have worked on an artificial intelligence system with which to convert brain impulses into letters written on a screen. The procedure, according to the journal Nature, consists of introducing implants in the motor cortex with which to interpret the person’s thoughts as if they were writing.

It is a strange concept, but thanks to artificial intelligence the researchers have succeeded in enabling subject T5, which is what they have called the person with whom they are doing the work, to write at a speed of 18 words per minute with precision. 94.1%. It is not a bad percentage of success for a software to be able to interpret the movement of an imaginary hand, but we must bear in mind that a healthy adult has the ability to write by hand about 23 words in a minute, so it is not nothing bad.

In the case of these brain implants that are used for writing on the PC, they are a great help for all those who suffer from a severe degree of paralysis. However, it is a matter of time before this research improves and reaches a point where it is faster and easier, although the really interesting thing would be to find a way to restore motor skills to these needy patients.


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