A bracelet to detect asymptomatic Coronavirus


The definition of ‘asymptomatic’ is a person who does not have symptoms of a certain disease or condition. -so is someone who has recovered from a disease or condition and no longer has those symptoms. In the Coronavirus equation, one of the variables that has most jeopardized researchers and public and private health systems are asymptomatic people who have Covid-19, who do not have symptoms but can still infect others.

The 3 tests of the Coronavirus

According to experts such as those on the Medical Writing site, if you suffer from coronavirus and are asymptomatic there will be no symptoms that make you notice that you are infected. However, “even being asymptomatic it is possible to detect Covid-19”. How? Through medical tests.

But the grace is that not all of them are valid for detecting the coronavirus in people without symptoms. Of the three tests to detect coronavirus that are currently available:

Antibody test
Antigen test

Only one is used to find Covid-19 in someone asymptomatic: PCR. According to the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene (Sempsph), the antigen test is only effective during the first 5 days of the disease and as long as the patient shows symptoms.

Therefore, they are not useful in detecting asymptomatic cases. As for the antibody test, its function is to detect remnants of defenses against Covid in the body, which can indicate both that you have passed the virus and that you are passing it, therefore its effectiveness in this case is not enough.


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