A boy soldier kills a Homelander in a comic book for boys?


Warning: This post contains spoilers for the 3rd season, the 6th episode of “Boys”.

A boy soldier kills a Homelander in The Boys comics? The Homelander is scarier than ever in the third season of “Boys”, but the appearance of a Soldier can threaten his strength and life. The Homelander has risen to an even more dangerous position in power — he is not only the leader of the Seven, but also the head of the Vout after the arrest of Stan Edgar. The superhero makes sure that everyone, including his teammates, is afraid of him to such an extent that they will not turn against him.

But before Homelander, there was a Boy Soldier, the most powerful and beloved Soup of his time. A soldier boy was abducted by the Russians in 1984, but the Boys released him from a cell prison and made a deal with him. The Boys will help the Soldier Boy find the Payback members if he agrees to kill the Homelander. So far, the Boy Soldier has proved to be the biggest opponent the Homelander has faced. Soldier Boy is just as, if not more, powerful than crazy Soup, and his return could topple him from his place at the top of the food chain. At the end of the 6th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, the Soldier Boy was very close to killing the Homelander, but the Soup managed to escape before any real damage was done. Nevertheless, the confrontation shocked the Homelander, and perhaps the Soldier Boy will be able to finish what he started by the end of the 3rd season of “Boys”.

However, in The Boys comics, the Homelander is not killed by a Boy Soldier, but by a quiet but deadly Black Noir. Ironically, the Black Noir in the comics is actually a clone of the Homelander who accused Soupe of crimes committed by Noir. The only reason Black Noir was able to defeat Homelander once and for all was because he had the same powers as his counterpart. Despite the fact that “The Boys” is based on the source material, the series has paved its own path and cannot include such a twist for a long time. The identity of Black Noir has been revealed, and since he is not a Homelander clone in The Boys, this makes the comic book story less effective and likely. The TV version of Black Noir, however, is afraid of the Boy Soldier and, despite being one of the most experienced members of the Seven, abandoned them and Homelander to save himself.

With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that Soldier Boy will be the one to kill Homelander in season 3 of “Boys.” The series has already made quite a few changes compared to the comics, so it goes without saying that the Soup that finally defeats the Homelander is also different. . Russian Russian music is the only thing that stands in the way of the Boy Soldier right now is his inability to control his powers when he hears Russian music, a trigger that arises from his trauma from torture by Russian soldiers after his abduction. Moreover, the Boy Soldier needed Butcher and Huey, who had temporary abilities thanks to the V24 Connection, to hold the Homelander so that he could deliver a fatal blow.

The extra manpower may be a problem to kill the Homelander, but if the Boy Soldier is at full strength and able to control his post-traumatic stress disorder long enough to properly fight the deadly Soup, then there’s a chance that the Homelander could be dead by the end of season 3 of “Boys.” Conversely, Black Noir can still kill a Homelander if the Soldier can’t do it. Although Noir has always been an ally of Homelander, in the third season of “Boys” their relationship may still change. It is also possible that Starlight will kill the Homelander; she has the desire and motivation to do it. It’s hard to imagine that the Boys will kill Homelander at this moment, but his powerful and terrifying reign must end someday-whether by the hands of a Soldier or someone else.