A better life: Yolande and Jocelyn commit suicide!


In the next episode of the Plus Belle La Vie series, Jocelyn and Yolande take action. They commit suicide in a hotel room.

Attention spoilers! In Plus Belle La Vie, Jocelyn and Yolande want to end their lives. The two lovebirds will finally be ready to go.

In fifty years, Jocelyn and Yolande have never lived apart. So if they have to leave this world, it’s hand in hand.

Indeed, the two old men of Plus Belle La Vie have made a decision: to leave forever. From now on, nothing can stop them.

So, it will be in the next episode of Plus Belle La Vie that Babeth’s parents will take action.

Before taking their last breath, Babeth’s parents are going to have some crazy days. To have fun these last few times, take on a dozen challenges.

So Yolande (Elisabeth Commelin) will have fun jumping into the pool fully clothed. Besides, she will take a nick at all her things, like the GPS that allowed Patrick to locate them.

That’s not all ! The two lovebirds will also go to a very chic restaurant. The goal? Light a firecracker inside, and climb onto the table.

Then, of course, leave the establishment without paying a penny. Never have the couple – yet very rock’n’roll – had so much fun. But this time, we have to go …


Indeed, the couple of Plus Belle La Vie refuses to go back. Jocelyn doesn’t want to waste away, and prefers to leave before her Alzheimer’s disease worsens.

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So Yolande cannot let him go without him. The nurse’s mom, though scared, finally feels ready to end her life by her side.

So the two lovebirds will get ready in their hotel room. Curtains drawn, door closed, telephone cut, they are finally “quiet”.

Thus, Yolande and Jocelyn will swallow three tablets each. For them, it’s the end … To be continued in Plus Belle La Vie.


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