A better life: will the show end soon?


The soap opera Plus Belle La Vie, broadcast for fifteen years on France 3, could be stopped. The audiences are too low!

Since 2004, the audiences of Plus Belle La Vie have halved. The France 3 channel could deprogram the series.

This is the bad news of the day for Plus Belle La Vie fans. The series may well live its last hours, before being deprogrammed forever.

And for good reason, the hearings are no longer satisfactory. As our colleagues from Le Parisien relate in a long dossier, the soap opera has lost more than half of its audience.

In short, Plus Belle La Vie attracted 5.4 million viewers every night in 2011. But to date, it has only attracted 2.9 million viewers on average.

But how can we explain such a drop in audiences? First, by the existence of online sites that make episodes available in advance.

That’s not all ! This can also be linked to the episodes available in replay, for those who cannot be in front of their television at 8:30 p.m.

Then piracy is not to be ruled out either. However, these are not the only reasons for such desertion.

In an interview with the newspaper, a former production collaborator thinks that France 3’s flagship program has an old-fashioned side.

What we do not find in the new soap operas of TF1. “They fell asleep on a recipe, without really renewing themselves,” she declared.


Indeed, this person puts the blame on the production of Plus Belle La Vie. “Ten years ago, we should have invested 10 to 30 million euros to change the film studio”

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“But also sets and having outdoor sets. Those of La Belle de Mai, in Marseille, are no longer suitable. ”

According to this source, “This is the beginning of the end. I don’t see how it could go up ”. And you have to believe that she is not the only one to think so.

Indeed, fans of Plus Belle La Vie share his opinion. This is the case with Céline, who did not hesitate to confide: “The soap has aged badly. We quickly saw the difference when Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 “. Ouch…


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