A better life: Will Marci be the victim of an attack?


Soon in “Plus belle la vie”, there will be some mayhem at “Marci”. Indeed, Ariane will intervene following a “bomb threat”.

At the moment in “Plus belle la vie”, war is declared on the Place du Mistral! Indeed, Thomas and Barbara will have to evacuate “Le Marci” following a bomb threat. Is this still a stunt from Sophie? Everything is possible.

The intrigues continue to follow in “Plus belle la vie”. Lately, Jean-Paul was finally able to find his daughter Lucie!

Abducted and kidnapped for several days by Jacob, she narrowly escaped thanks to Camille’s help. Determined, Patrick and his teams do their best to stop him and put him behind bars.

But nothing is going to go as planned! Other characters from “Plus belle la vie” have also had to deal with many twists and turns in their daily lives.

Like Thomas and Barbara! A few weeks ago, the duo were finally able to inaugurate their bar “Le Marci”.

Unfortunately, this project was not really unanimous on the Place du Mistral. Indeed, Sophie and her colleagues are convinced that their restaurant could overshadow them.

Determined to save Roland’s bar, Kylian and Lola’s mother then stepped up actions to put obstacles in the way of her main competitors. Nothing stops him !

But it’s not knowing Barbara and Thomas who are always full of ideas to get out of trouble. But soon, the two friends will have a little surprise.

More beautiful life: The Marci will soon be the victim of an attack?


Last I heard, Thomas and Barbara do want to shade Roland’s restaurant! Annoyed by the many low blows of Sophie, the two partners do not want to let it go.

Never mind! During a sequence of “Plus belle la vie”, Fanny, who talks to Luna, will also let her know that Batiste’s grandfather’s team would have brought mice into their bar to shut it down.

To get revenge, they do everything to steal their main customers. But a few seconds later, Ariana and her colleagues will make a sensational entry into “Le Marci” to get him evacuated.

” What is happening ? Caesar’s ex-girlfriend then asks the police officer. “A bomb threat,” K√©vin’s colleague replied without a filter.

Very quickly, all of Thomas and Barbara’s customers were evacuated from the restaurant by the authorities. Another blow for the duo!

If this information leaks, it could also cause them bad publicity and tarnish their image again. Ariana will she find this famous bomb ?!

If this is another joke from Sophie or even her colleagues, they might be in some trouble with the police. So to follow in “Plus belle la vie”!


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