A better life: Will Jean-Paul and Léa have a relationship?


Jean-Paul is in love with Léa in Plus belle la vie. Still, nothing says he’ll end up dating her. Jean-Paul has given up marrying Irina because he has feelings for Leah. However, there is nothing to say that he will end up in a relationship with her in Plus belle la vie. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Jean-Paul, ready to pair up with Léa in Plus belle la vie? A few days ago, Boher thought of marrying Irina and had prepared his marriage with the policewoman. They had the perfect love and even thought of starting a family.

However, as the wedding approached, Boher began to have serious doubts. He dreamed of his marriage to Irina and several times saw Samia. So he wanted to clear things up with his ex. In fact, Samia was heartbroken when she learned that he no longer had feelings for her.

Jean-Paul made a big mistake during his marriage. The policeman confused Irina with Léa and decided not to marry her. He made Irina’s whole family uneasy, but doesn’t seem to regret his choices.

Boher has understood that he is in love with Leah and wants to do everything to win her over in Plus belle la vie. Still, there is nothing to say that he will eventually pair up with her.


Fans of Plus belle la vie will never see Boher and Samia together again. However, there is little chance that Jean-Paul will be with Léa. The two characters have grown very close, however, since the gymnasium collapsed over a year ago.

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Lea doesn’t seem to have any feelings for him and doesn’t hide it! Indeed, in an excerpt, Léa confesses to Emilie that she does not feel anything for the policeman. Worse than that, she considers him to be her “best friend”!

“We love each other, but there is no ambiguity,” she confided in Emilie. Kevin’s sweetheart is going to have a hard time believing her and laughing at her. For her, it is clear that Leah is not being honest with herself.

Lea will continue to say that she loves girls and that she does not see herself as a couple with Boher at all. Thus, there may be a long way to go before we see Boher and Léa together in Plus belle la vie …


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