A better life: Will Emma leave Baptiste


How will the Emma-Baptiste story end? Because Plus belle la vie has great surprises in store for them … and great fears.

Emma and Baptiste can they get over the turbulence of their couple? Because the Mistral seems to be beating down on them … A legendary couple from Plus belle la vie could go their separate ways!

In the midst of all these problems, one must see a lack of confidence. Emma and Baptiste seem less and less in sync in their way of raising their son … But Mathis could pay the price.

Because the little one finds himself in the middle of a cold war. Problem: Camille has also added her two cents in Plus belle la vie. While Emma thought her little sister was lost forever, she is back.

Kidnapped a very long time ago, she has just burst into her sister’s life. But the problems accumulate, and Baptiste begins to worry. Camille has indeed rather shady ties!

The couple ends up discovering that Camille still has contact with her kidnapper, Jacob. Relationships as strange as they are bad that could set fire to the powder … And upset More beautiful life.


Baptiste is indeed worried about his wife. But especially for his son. To get him away from such a tense situation, he decides to go with Mathis to avoid keeping him in the middle of a conflict.

Emma, ​​she does not understand her sister … But finds herself a little stuck. How can she save her marriage? More beautiful life has a surprise in store for her: a pregnancy test. Offered by Baptiste, of course …

The young man is hoping for a second child since his wife’s return from Australia. Bringing the family together around a second child, that is his goal …

And miraculously, the test turns out positive: Emma is pregnant! But will this big news really solve the problems? Or wake up more dull pains? Answer in Plus belle la vie!


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