A better life: Will Caesar cheat on Fanny and Barbara?


In the next episode of Plus belle la vie, Caesar is about to cheat on his girlfriend Barbara with Fanny. Attention spoilers! Could Caesar cheat on his girlfriend Barbara? In the next episode of Plus belle la vie, the young shareholder of GTS will forget about him for a kiss.

Barbara thought she had found true love in the Marseille series Plus belle la vie. But it was without taking into account that her boyfriend would kiss another girl …

Indeed, Caesar will forget his sweetheart for a kiss in the next episode. Thus, the young man will find himself alone with Fanny in the restaurant of Barbara (Léa François) and Thomas Marci (Laurent Kérusoré).

And as usual, Fanny calls her out. “I’m having a night out with some friends, are you coming with me? The young woman asks, very sure of herself.

However, Caesar does not jump at the chance. “Why is your boyfriend not available? »Said the latter, without taking the time to look at her. So Fanny tells him the truth.

“I don’t have a guy,” she says. Before adding: “The delivery man was my boyfriend Titouan. So, Caesar finally looks up. ” Ah shame. It could have been fun… ”

So the pretty brunette from Plus belle la vie doesn’t waste another second. “It’s near the Prado. We stay a bit and then… ”she said, leaving some suspense in her sentence. It didn’t take much for Caesar to lose control!

More beautiful life – Caesar about to cheat on Barbara with Fanny

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Thus, Caesar, piqued by his curiosity, wants to know more. ” After what ? He asks first. Before announcing the color: “I only commit if I have the whole schedule. ”

So, the one who is not cold in the eyes in Plus belle la vie takes the plunge and asks her a favor. “But first you kiss me,” she orders, with her doe eyes.

And of course, Caesar can’t hold back. So the young shareholder of the GTS company follows suit and approaches her to kiss her. As their lips begin to touch, a call interrupts them.

So the young man from Plus belle la vie heaves a sigh of relief. “Saved by the Bell,” he says, looking at his phone. And for good reason, it’s his girlfriend who calls him!

“Yes my sweetheart, it’s me …” Barbara says on the phone. At the same time, Caesar hears footsteps in his girlfriend’s restaurant.

In fact, Barbara was just arriving at the facility. So she didn’t have time to see her mate with the beautiful haired brunette with beautiful unruly curls!

Especially since Caesar lies to her when she asks him what he’s doing here. “Thomas asked me to bring a chair. Ouch! Will she eventually find out the truth? Case to follow in your favorite Marseille soap opera.


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